It's a true american dream

Growing up, Mike spends his earlier years working on old cars with his dad in the neighborhoods of Clevland, Ohio. Long summer days gave root to a passion that would span the course of almost fifty years. They’re more than just cars, not simply machines that transport us from here to there; cars are a way of life. From oils stained uniforms to the smell of antifreeze or the sounds of impact guns; it’s live, breathe, and sleep cars. 

from the beginning

Eventually, Mike got old enough to start working at small little shops here and there, but quickly realized there was a talent even more lucrative than working on cars; it was working with customers. 

This allowed Mike to climb ranks from shop to shop, gaining experience and so much accomplishment he won a trip to Hawaii for his performance with Mitus where he took his wife Kelly on their honeymoon. 

Over time, Mike realized that working for others wasn’t doing it for him anymore. He wanted his own dreams, his own shop to run. To put all that tenacity somewhere it would matter a little bit more. 

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it was only a matter of time

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In 1989, on the tiny corner of 3rd & Monroe in Spokane, WA, Mechanics Pride came to be. Mike started it with the help and support of his wife, Kelly, who still works within the business. Mechanics Pride is family owned and operated, with three out of his four children working within the company in some fashion. Mike Jr., Sabrina, and Krystal all strive to continue this company’s legacy and bring Mechanics Pride along with them as the next generation to what’s quite quickly becoming an empire all in its own right. 

Persistence pays off...

As of 2021, Mechanics Pride has three locations. We moved from our original lot on 3rd & Monroe to 2nd & Jefferson in downtown Spokane, just a block and a skip over from our original location. Our second location is in Spokane Valley, just a few blocks shy of Spraque and Pines. Finally, our third location is up on Spokane’s South Hill, just off Regal by Rosauers. 

We don’t like all those corporate antics and hidden fees; Mechanics pride strives to stay true to our home-town roots, the same roots that come from little old Clevland, Ohio. It’s that service and energy that matters and means the most to everyone working here.

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