The Best of Spokane-Automotive Repair

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Winners of the best of the city

First and foremost, our deepest, most sincere condolences for the loss of Emily and Vince Bozzi. Their loss shatters our hearts. They were more than simply business associates to us; the way they’ve elevated our business was one thing, but the way they both lit up the room and did so much for our city is what we’ll miss the most. It truly is such a loss for us all, and we wish to continue their legacy in any way that we can. We hope that their son Jordan can heal and be supported by the community his parent’s loved so dearly. Linked HERE is a Go-Fund-Me page for Jordan, and we encourage our Mechanic’s Pride family to donate and help me during this difficult time. 

Mechanic’s Pride has been the winner of The Best of the City vote for the last ten+ years. We’ve held bronze in the early days, making our way up to Silver, Gold, and finally, Platinum. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate Spokane for continuing to vote for us year after year for this generous award. Although we didn’t get to celebrate this year like previous years, we know the support from our community is there. We see it, we love it, and we appreciate it every day. Thank you, Spokane, and thank you, Emily and Vince. Rest in peace, dear friends. 

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